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This year for spirit wear we have a variety of options & items to choose from. If anyone has questions/concerns about apparel please reach out to Coach Zach directly (

Recommended Uniform:

  • 2 Palos Verdes HS WP Comfort Colors T-Shirts (1 White, 1 Black)*

  • 1 Palos Verdes HS WP Team Suits (Kap7 Store)*

  • 2 Palos Verdes HS WP Dri-Fit Shirts (Any brand/color on team store)

  • 1 Palos Verdes HS WP Sweatshirt/Jacket (Any brand on team store)

  • 1 Palos Verdes HS WP Gym Shorts (Any brand/color on team store)

  • 1 Palos Verdes HS WP Sweat Pants (Any brand on team stores)

  • Palos Verdes HS WP TYR Backpack

*Please prioritize these items

Note: First set of Swim Caps will be provided by the program directly to athletes

Please note that athletes that order our recommended uniform will be required to wear the gym clothes while we are in the weight room. Game Day T-Shirts & Team Sweatpants/Team Joggers/Black Leggings will be required to wear on game days.

PVHS Water Polo's uniform will remain the same year to year. While logos may be updated players will be allowed & encouraged to wear apparel from previous years (shirts, jackets, etc.). The expectation is not to purchase an entire new set of apparel each year but to have quality apparel that will last the length of their time with our program. 

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