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Welcome to PVHS Water Polo! 

Getting started? Check our Registration Page

Girls Team Parent Meeting Information


Zach Graper (Varsity Head Coach)


Adam Brzyski (Asst. Varsity, JV Head Coach)


Aminah Bharadia (Asst. Varsity/JV Coach)


Tina Johnson (Varsity Team Mom)


Team Website


Team Code of Conduct

Please review Athlete, Parent, & Coaches Expectations available here: 


Athletes & parents are asked to turn in a signed copy of this document to coaches by the end of the first week of in-season practice.



All quick updates will be made this year via SportsYou! Registration information is available here: 

Sports You Registration Document (Girls)


To enable notifications: Click the 3 bars at the upper left. Go to Alerts & Click the gear at the upper right. Turn all notifications there on. Make sure that notifications are turned on for the SportsYou app in the settings of your phone as well.


Save the Dates

Senior Day - TBD


Team Banquet - TBD


Team Dinners:

  • Varsity: TBD

  • JV: TBD

Off Season School Year Schedule

B Days (6th Period WP Class):

  • All Levels: 1:30 - 3:30pm

Weekly schedules will be sent out to communicate final schedule by Varsity team parent


Game Day Expectations

Game schedule will be available on our website:

Athletes are asked to wear their team uniform all day at school (Team T-Shirt, Black Leggings).

Home Games

All athletes are expected to support ALL teams & stay at the pool to cheer on their teammates until the end of the final match of the evening. Athletes are responsible for helping set up/clean up every game day. If an athlete needs to leave an event early, please contact Coach Zach to let him know.


Away Games

All athletes are expected to take the bus both to/from Away games. If an athlete needs to travel with their parents to/from games please contact Coach Zach to let him know.


If athletes have to leave class early to attend a game, please have them let their teachers know 1 week in advance & remind their teachers again at the start of that class period on game day. 


Practice Expectations

Athletes are expected to be on deck, in the classroom, or weight room 5 minutes before practice starts & prepared to start practice right on time.

What to bring to practice:

  • Water Polo Suit

  • Goggles

  • Water Bottle

  • Towel

  • Sun Screen

  • Dry Land Clothes (Gym Shoes, Team Gym T-Shirt, Team Shorts)


Throughout the year we will host various pop-up shops for athletes, families, & fans to purchase apparel from on our website:


PVHS Water Polo's uniform will remain the same year to year. While logos may be updated players will be allowed & encouraged to wear apparel from previous years (t-shirts, sweats, etc.). The expectation is not to purchase an entire new set of apparel each year but to have quality apparel that will last the length of their time with our program.


Please note that athletes that order our recommended uniform will be required to wear the gym clothes while we are in the weight room. Team T-Shirts & Team Sweatpants/Joggers or black leggings will be required to wear on game days.


Spirit Pack Information

Total: $70 per player - Checks can be made out to PVHS ASB.

  • $20 Snack shack credit -  Each player will have $20 credit at the snack shack

  • $15 Team Banners - These will be hung for each team poolside. 

  • $10 Senior Recognition Day 

  • $15 Game pictures - We will have a professional photographer at three games for each team. At the end of the season each player will have 5-10 individual pictures.  

  • $10 Snack shack starter fee - This is to help fund our snack shack


Catch the Wave Donation

$10 Catch the Wave Donation - This is to help support PVHS's biggest fundraiser of the year. (Check made out to Catch the Wave Volunteer)


Volunteers Information: 
We need your help! Please contact Tina Johnson ( or 310-995-8859) to volunteer! 

JV Team Parent

The team parents will work with the Varsity team parent, Tina Johnson, to help with communication, setting up team dinners, and anything specific to that team. The Varsity team parent will send weekly emails regarding schedules or information concerning the overall program. In addition, the team parent can add communication specifically to that team, such as team dinner schedules, etc.


Snack Shack Head and Volunteers

The Snack Shack Head will oversee organizing a small team to coordinate the stocking of the snack shack. Volunteers will help stock the snack shack when items run low usually purchased at Smart N Final, Costco, etc. This is a fun job that doesn't take a lot of time but is a big help!


Team Dinners

We will need volunteers for team dinners: 8 for Varsity, 6 for JV, and 5 for F/S. These dinners usually have one host family who may or may not add to the meal and then 1 or 2 families who supply the meal. Your team parent will send a sign-up sheet.


Team Dinners:

  • Varsity: TBD

  • JV: TBD

Team Slide Show Volunteer

Ed McClure will take photos of all three teams (Dates TBD). These photos will need to be put into slideshows for each group to be shown at the team banquet. The slide show volunteer will organize the photos and set them to music to create a 6–8-minute slideshow for each team.


Senior Slide Show Volunteer

This volunteer could be the same person as the slide show volunteer, or it can be a senior parent. This volunteer will collect 10-15 photos of each senior, including a baby picture, pictures of them growing up, old water polo pictures, and current senior water polo pictures. Then, the volunteer will create a slide show featuring all seniors.


Catch The Wave Donation Volunteer

This volunteer will be in charge of helping with our team donation to Catch The Wave, the booster club's biggest fundraiser of the year. The booster club supports the three A’s: Academics, Arts, & Athletics.


Senior Day Volunteer

This volunteer will coordinate all senior day activities, including the senior cake (enough to feed all three teams and parents, usually 80-100 people), décor, someone to take pictures of each senior and his family, and any tribute that you would like to organize for the day (For example, a flower for each mother, etc.)


Senior Shadow Box Volunteer

This volunteer will coordinate collecting the money from each senior parent, ordering the shadow boxes, ordering the custom mattes for each player, collecting one 5x7 landscape picture of each senior, getting the photos made, and putting together the shadow boxes for each player. This can be one parent, or the senior parents can collaborate and divide the responsibilities. (Shadow boxes are paid for by each senior parent at $140 per player. This cost includes a cap, shadow box, and custom matte.) The shadow boxes are displayed at the banquet at the end of the season.


Sponsorship Banner Volunteer

This year we would like to start a banner sponsorship program. Each sponsor who contributes $250 to the water polo program will receive a banner on our pool deck during the water polo season. We will need one volunteer to help with this program. The responsibilities will be to solicit sponsors, work with sponsors to procure artwork for the banners, oversee the creation of the banners with the vendor and hang the banners poolside.

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